Corporate Identity

The Look and Feel of Your Company

Whether you are looking to create a new corporate identity, or just want to enhance the one you currently have, our expert team of graphic designers will work to create a customized corporate identity plan that is perfect for your business. From designing logos to ongoing corporate identity management, we are committed to helping your company build a solid brand identity.

Corporate Identity Services Include:

Logo Creation & Design

We’ll start from scratch to develop a logo that represents your product, industry and attitude, be it serious and professional or delightfully quirky.

Logo Enhancement

Have an existing logo? We can update it to bring new life to your branding.

Corporate Identity Manuals

From standardized fonts to color schemes, your corporate identity is reflected on everything from letterhead to business cards. Your corporate identity needs to be defined as well as identify with the public, clients, employees and the media.

Letterhead Design

Corporate letterheads bring a level of professionalism to the table when personal communication is necessary in daily operations.

Business Card Design

You want to give clients and prospective customers a way to get in touch. Give them the information they need and wow them with a clean business card design.

Logo Design

The Face of Your Company

Your logo acts as the face of your company. So is it accurately representing the quality of your business? Having a well-designed logo design gives customers the impression that your organization is creative and established. Using a tasteful logo in your marketing materials leaves a lasting impression in a customer's mind.

Our full-service team is staffed with professional graphic designers, business leaders and entrepreneurs who are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to create stunning and memorable logos. Trust the experts at Kind Media to create a logo that accurately represents and reflects the message of your company.

What Makes a Good Logo

1. Proper Planning & Research ensures your logo encompasses the true spirit of your company

2. Original Design makes a lasting impression, while withstanding the test of time

3. Memorable Tagline allows customers to visually associate your message with your logo

Digital Branding

The Digital Face of Your Company

As technologies continue to grow, the digital face of a brand is becoming more and more important. Keeping a consistent brand image across various digital platforms can be challenging. The staff at Kind Media will help facilitate the process with our Digital Brand Management services.

The experienced team of graphic and interactive designers at Kind Media will work together to ensure that your brand is accurately represented on everything from your company website to directory listings. You've worked hard to establish a strong corporate voice and image, and we are here to help you successfully translate that to the dynamic digital world.

Digital Brand Management best practices

1. Keep your brand consistent across channels

2. Keep up with Social Media on a consistent basis

3. Ensure your website is mobile friendly

4. Ensure identifiable internet advertising

5. Implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan

6. Update content on your website to keep it fresh

Our Digital Brand Management Services Include:

Social Media Account Management

The digital team at Kind Media will post to branded social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest and track their success through various analytic tools.

Internet Advertising

Banner ads, as well as pay per click ads displayed alongside search engine results and on social pages, will enhance brand visibility.

Website Creation & Maintenance

A website is necessary today to get your company’s name out there and to build business. We’ll work to create one that portrays a consistent brand image across all pages.

Directory Listings

Digital directories are another way to get found online, from contact information to branded articles.


Websites can only function at maximum performance when paired with sound SEO strategy. Through methods such as back-linking, keywords and more, we’ll enable search engines to index your site so that customers can find you.

Need help developing or growing your brand?