Market Research

Reaching Your Goals and Objectives begins with research and information analysis

Anyone can call a television station or a newspaper company and place a commercial or ad based on the rate you receive. But what if there is a more cost-effective way to advertise your product or service? What if you could reach your target faster through another form of advertising?

That’s where market research comes in. You need to know about your competition, your audience and how best to reach them. But you probably don’t have the time to research how to get the most from your advertising budget. The good news is that we do, and we have longstanding relationships with the media community that help us secure great rates.

What makes Kind Media unique is that we conduct market and competitive research for every advertising plan we put together, no matter how small the budget. The goal of our research is to answer questions related to your target audience so you reach your goals and objectives. We analyze market penetration, brand loyalty and other key measurements among your target customers, viewers, readers and listeners.

We are obsessed with results. You should be too.

Let Kind Media help you obtain results by managing your advertising campaign through strategic media buying.

Budget... Research... Target... Negotiate... Place... Manage...

The research we have access to includes various categories, consumer shopping habits, demographics, media usage, lifestyles, census data and more. Our measurements detail the lives of your prospective and current target. Today's marketplace is changing faster than ever with a savvy group of consumers. Kind Media can help your business in fighting harder to win the battle for greater market share.

Kind Media has a wealth of resources geared to helping you compete successfully in the changing economy. Our research analysis will provide a strategic plan to back up the media recommendation we make.

Our market research process includes but is not limited to:

Brand Loyalty

Consumers have a habit of sticking by the brands they like. We’ll measure how true this is of your target audience as well as which brand(s) they are loyal to. Are YOU their go-to for purchases? We’ll find this out and work to increase brand loyalty.

Shopping Habits

What and when customers buy products fluctuates based on a variety of factors. Is it holiday time? Do you do a higher volume of sales on weekends? Are sales higher online than in-store? Narrowing down purchase habits will better enable us to time and target specific messaging.


What is the makeup of your customer base? Male or female? Old or young? Which ethnicity does your brand resonate with? We’ll break these aspects down and work to target your messages appropriately.

Media Usage

Different audiences obtain branded information from varying sources. One group may encounter your brand on television. Another may find you on the Web. Looking at your audience demographics in conjunction with their media habits, we’ll be better able to determine what spaces are best for your message.

Lifestyle Information

What is your audience like? How do they live and spend their time? We will delve into the hobbies, group affiliations and worldviews of your audience to learn how best to reach them on a personal level.


To execute a successful marketing campaign, you need to know how your target audience thinks. What is important to them? What sorts of things are they interested in? Through our market research process, Kind Media will gather this information.

Census Data

Official government statistics from the census are helpful in knowing your audience, from local population to average income level. We will combine this with our own demographic research to help your campaign.

Media Consulting

Proposals, Placements, Strategies...

As a full-service media planning and buying agency, Kind Media analyzes advertising proposals and defines media placement strategies that are cost-effective and exceed our clients' needs.

Our specialties include: media analysis and review; design and implementation of customized advertising and marketing strategies that maximize frequency and reach based on specific client requirements.

We negotiate--upfront--the best available advertising rates to align with you company’s budget. We want to get you the best advertising coverage and prices, so we utilize a combination of long-term relationships with various media organizations, as well as bulk media buys that consolidate purchases from various clients with similar needs.

Event Planning

We Handle the Entire Process

One way to advertise is by having an event to create excitement and buzz. At Kind Media, we plan and manage first-class corporate events for our clients.

We handle everything from ordering supplies to gathering donations to managing the budget. We want to plan your event from start to finish, so that you can focus on your business.

When planning an event, we first listen to your event ideas and goals. At Kind Media, we will use our creative minds to plan a one-of-a-kind corporate event with your best interest in mind. As we develop the event details, we keep you in the loop to ensure that the event planning is meeting your needs.

We design all event marketing materials in-house and compare prices for rental items, catering, entertainment and more. We also use our partnerships with third party vendors to obtain in-kind donations in order to keep costs low for you while helping to support other businesses.

Kind Media handles the entire process so that you can save time and manage your business more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how we can plan your next event, and ultimately, grow your business!

Email Marketing


Looking for an easy way to communicate with customers and people following your company about new promotions, specials and events? Consider email marketing, also referred to as E-blasts. Because email marketing campaigns are completely traceable, you can measure the success of your marketing campaign almost instantly.

At Kind Media, we handle the email marketing process from start to finish. Whether you need a custom template, compelling copy or even in-depth database segmentation, the expert team at Kind Media will learn and understand your business model in order to make email marketing work for you.

Keys to a Good Email Marketing Campaign

1. Keep it simple, clear, and concise - With the influx of messages your audience regularly gets, you’ll want your e-blast message to be easily read.

2. Include an attention-grabbing subject line - There’s no better way to ensure that your message gets opened than to gain reader attention from the start with something relevant.

3. Use an eye-catching design - The look of your e-blast aids in reader perception of it, from looking “pretty” to coming across as professional.

4. Include graphics and links - Audiences enjoy interacting with messaging, as they feel more involved. Various links allow this while driving viewers to places such as your website for further engagement.

5. Organize & optimize content based on target audience - Structure your message tone, style and information based on what readers want and need.

Our email marketing services include:


We will gather all necessary information from you and outside sources to ensure that your e-blasts are relevant and credible.

Database Creation

As a convenient reference tool, Kind Media will create and maintain a database of e-blast recipients to pull from when messages are due to go out.

Template Design

Each message should have consistent aspects, like background graphics and message structure, so our team will set this up in template form for future use.

Copy writing Services

Our talented writers will write compelling email marketing content to keep your audience invested and satisfied.

In-Depth Reporting and Analysis

Each email marketing campaign includes monitoring by our specialists to let you know how well your email efforts are faring, from the number of messages opened to links clicked.